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What’s Coming Up Next + Stitches United 2018

Hey Everyone,  I can’t believe it’s already November 1…  I think this year is breezing by because I’ve been so busy working on so many fun projects.  The Anna Dress is almost ready to launch.  I have a wonderful group of pattern testers working on it 🙂     I’m also developing a bunch of new classes that I’ll be debuting at Stitches United in March 2018.  I’m super excited about the Yoga Pants Class… I literally live in yoga pants because I work at home and I’m on the treadmill or off to the gym most days.   I’ve been working on a new yoga pants pattern that features  slimming vertical seams and a cool hem treatment.   I’m going to pair this new design with a wonderful compression sports knit that will smooth all your curves.   In class, you’ll be able to work choose between the two different patterns and fabrics.

I’m also going to Pattern Hack the Tank Top Pattern.  In this new class, I’ll show you how to add a sleeve to the tank top pattern and transform it into a tunic or dress.  This is really fun for me because I love playing with pattern pieces.  I’ll show you how easy it is to take a basic pattern and use it to design new looks.  

In addition to these new classes, I’m also teaching a Tee Fitting Workshop and a Skirt Drafting Workshop.  Last year the Skirt Drafting Workshop was an all day class, drafting in the morning and sewing it up in the afternoon.  The Tee Fitting Workshop was just pattern work with no sewing.   This year, you’ll have the opportunity to sew this projects in the new class – Garment Sewing 101.  I’m really excited about this class because it brings me back to the days when I used to teach skill building classes at Manchester Sewing Machine Center.  You can take this class and sew any of the projects you worked on with me at Stitches United!   The best part is that I will have fabric for you to working with so you don’t have to worry about bringing it with you.

Stay Tuned for more details and behind the scenes as I work on all the new stuff! 



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