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Smooth the wrinkles

Hey Everyone,

The next step is to smooth some of the wrinkles under my butt.  …Here they are, just in case you  didn’t check in yesterday.  These horizontal wrinkles are caused by two things.  First there isn’t enough sitting room inside yet… and secondly there is too much fabric vertically.  Plus, the inner thigh is way too tight.   Let me show you how I’m going to smooth the wrinkles and make more room.    …BTW, if you’re interested in all the juicy details, you can find them in my Jean Fit Workbook…. It comes with worksheet to keep track of all your measurements and 3 yards of this heavy weight muslin I’m using.  (please note that I took the first photo with my nice camera… the rest were snapped with my iphone at school under questionable lights… I apologize in advance for the pic quality : ) 

First, I’m going to make more sitting room and room for the inner thighs by extending the back crotch point 1/2″.  This also allows me to add to the inner thigh.

To get rid of the vertical length of the pattern piece under the butt… and make more sitting room, I’m going to scoop the back crotch out … like this.

I’m also going to add a little room to the side seams (1/4″) and a little bit along the front inseam.

Then I cut out another muslin… Here’s how it looks…. much smoother!    There is still some wrinkles and pulling along the back leg… I can finesse them some more… but I think I’m going to go with this adjusted pattern.  The important thing is that the crotch feels comfortable standing and sitting.  …The other thing I want to point out is that muslin shows EVERYTHING… plus I think it adds  at least 10 pounds 🙂

Join me tomorrow as I cut out my jeans!  YAY

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