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Prom Gown Sew Along l How to Support the Weight of the Dress

Hey Everyone,  Today is get more support Tuesday in the Prom Gown Sew Along.  My primary objective when I started making this dress was to make it so it did not feel like it was going to slide down when Abby was dancing the night away.    I started with a well boned strapless foundation.  The boning primarily supports the shape of the  dress… but it doesn’t support the weight of the dress vs. gravity.  Then we went shopping for a good strapless long-line bra.  Separately, this was really supportive to Abby’s shape, but it did not support the weight of the dress either.   (Basically, the dress can still slide down, even though Abby had a “proper foundation”.

One way to take the weight off the top of the bodice is to secure the waist of the dress around the body.  You can do this by sewing in a waist stay.  This is a piece of stable ribbon that is attached to the strapless foundation at the waist (the most narrow position of the body).  It holds the dress securely at the waistline. Here’s a good tutorial from

Because I had a wonderful long line bra to work with, I decided to use that instead :)  Check out today’s Episode of the Prom Gown Sew Along for all the details.