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Make a Pattern for Jeans Part 2: How to Trace the Pieces

Hey Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  I’m anxiously waiting for my new software to arrive… Lenny got me Grading Software from Telestia for Christmas.  I’m so excited because even though I’ve gotten pretty good at using Illustrator to grade my patterns, this will make the process so much quicker.  Super Happy!   So, while I’m waiting for that, I’ve decided to finish up some projects that I started before the holiday.   Today I want to show you how to transform cut apart jeans into pattern pieces.   While I was filming today’s video, I realized I made a boo boo when I cut them apart.

Let’s talk about flat fell seams.   In Part 1 of this project, I showed how to measure and add a seam allowance along the side of the flat fell seam (so I wouldn’t have to add it when I traced the pattern).  I measured 1/2″ from the folded edge of the flat fell seam across the seam to the opposite side.  Then I cut the jeans apart on the guideline I marked.   The problem with this is, the width of the flat fell seam is actually part of the width of the leg that I cut apart! The width of the flat fell seam is 3/8″ …so in reality I only added 1/8″, not the 1/2″ seam allowance I original thought I did!    So, if you’re cutting along the base of the flat fell seam, both sides need a seam allowance.  If you cut along the folded edge of the flat fell seam, include the width of the seam when you add seam allowance (measure from the base of the seam).  The side that does not have the flat fell seam needs the width of the flat fell seam you cut off + seam allowance.

Join me for all the details, if you have questions, please let me know.