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Jeans and Tee with Chicago ASG + Round Neckline Pattern Adjustment

Hey Everyone,

Freshly back from Chicago… I had such a wonderful time!  The Ladies of the Chicago ASG are a talented bunch!  I stayed with Liz, one of the ASG members.  She made me feel welcome before I even left Connecticut. It was a little bit getting home yesterday.  Departed from Chicago after Liz dropped me at the airport was a snap…  The snag… When I arrived in Philadelphia,  my flight was delayed… I was so tired by that point that I almost slept through the entire boarding process when  the plane we were waiting for finally showed up!

In addition to being a gracious hostess, Liz is an expert with piping and working with striped fabrics….  I was treated to a private showing of her seminar on sewing with stripes… I apologize for not snapping some pics to share with you… but here she is in her new Tee… Notice how she  managed to match strips!

…She also dabbles in brewing beer  … yummy!

Saturday was Fit the Tee day!  After trying on Tee Fit Muslins, the pattern adjustments commenced.  In addition to adjusting pattern for fit, some of the ladies wanted to make style changes.  One of the adjustments that we worked on was converting the boat neckline to a round neckline.  Here’s how to adjust the pattern pieces.  ….IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure the boat neckline fits before you change the shape of it.

1.  Extend the shoulder buy fake hydrocodone seam toward the neckline 1 1/2″ to 2″.
2. Extend the CF up approximately 1″-2″.
3. Extend the CB up approximately 1″- 1 1/2″.
4. Reshape the neckline as shown below.


Check pattern pieces:

1. To make sure that the shoulder seams will still sew together properly (meaning that they are still the same length)
2. To make sure that the new neckline shape is smooth across the shoulder seam

Position center front and side front pieces together (remember to overlap 1/2″ to account for the 1/4″ seam allowances.  Then position the back upper bodice so that the shoulder seam is aligned with the center/side front shoulder seam.  They would be the same length… and the curved shape at the shoulder seam should be a smooth…. If your pattern pieces create a V-shape at the shoulder, reshape the neckline to smooth it out as shown below!

Here’s how the Tee looks with a round neckline… Front View

…and the back view…

…. Stay tuned, I picked up a couple more tips for working with knits, and I’ll be sharing those later in the week!  Thanks again to Wendy and Liz and ALL the ladies of the Chicago ASG for inviting me to come for the Tee and Jean Fit Workshops!

PS… I forgot to take any pics of the Jeans Fit Workshop :(… but some of the ladies promised to send pics of their finished jeans… I’ll share those when I get them!


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