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How to Sew a Cover Hem

Happy Saturday Everyone.  Today I would like to post a tutorial that’s been on my list for a little while.  I received a couple of questions about how to sew a cover hem on the serger.    During this quick tutorial I will show you how to do a wide cover hem on both a straight piece of fabric as well as how to do it in the round  (like if you’re going to hem a tee or pant legs.) If you’re not sure how to thread your serger for a cover hem, check out  How to Set-up for a Cover Hem.  

In this tutorial, I will be using a wide cover hem.  This is when the needles are in the C1 and C3 positions on the Baby Lock Ovation.  Other brands of sergers may refer to “left and right” cover hem needle positions.    The process of sewing a cover hem would be the same if you wanted to use a narrow cover hem (C1-C2 or C2-C3 needle positions) or a triple cover hem where you would insert needles into all three positions.  There are a few sergers on the market that only have two needle positions for cover hem stitches.  In this case, you would only be able to do wide and narrow cover hem stitches.  If you have any questions about needle positions for cover hems, please let me know. 

Having said all that… there is one other cover stitch called a Chain Stitch.  This stitch is created with a single needle.   In addition to only using a single needle, it’s a little different from a cover hem because the tension settings need to be a little tighter.   If you own a baby lock, you’re probably used to selecting your stitch and not giving much thought to setting tensions.   When you’re working with the cover stitches there are tension adjustment dials so you can make things snugger for the chain stitch… and more relaxed for the cover hem.

If you have question about working with your serger, please let me know and I’ll put it on my list of upcoming tutorials πŸ™‚ 


4 thoughts on “How to Sew a Cover Hem

  1. Can a cover stitch be done on the Imagine serger?

    1. Hi Mary, The Imagine is an amazing serger.. but unfortunately, it doesn’t have Cover Stitch capability. You can get really good results using a twin needle on your sewing machine. The front of the hem will look like a cover hem and the underside will have the bobbin thread zig zag between the two rows of stitching. Here is a link to one of my YouTube videos that shows how to hem yoga pants using a twin needle. Let me know if you need more help. Thanks Jen

  2. Great explanation of the cover hem process, Jennifer. 😊

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