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How to Finish the V-Neckline of the Anna Dress

Happy Saturday πŸ™‚  I’m getting really excited about the Anna Dress.  It’s going to be a go-to pattern for every body.   My wonderful pattern testers have really helped fine tune the pattern pieces to make it an easy to fit and sew pattern.    The original pattern included the front and back bodice, a 3/4 Length sleeve and a skirt pattern piece.   Based on the experiences of my pattern testers, I raised the front bust dart and adjusted it to create a little more length to the center front bodice.  This will create a nicely shaped pattern piece for Cup Sizes D and above.   Because I’m adding a little more room to the dart, it will be too big for smaller cup sizes, so I’m also going to include a dart free front bodice.  

I also made some significant changes to the pattern instructions to make them clear and easy to follow.  Because this is a stretch knit pattern, the fit can vary depending on the fabric that’s used.  The instructions will guide the sewer to try on the bodice and baste pieces together to check the fit before finally sewing the skirt on. 

Finishing a V-Neckline can be a little tricky and I wanted to include a technique that would look fabulous and be easy to do.   The instructions for this technique proved to be a little lacking..    One of my pattern testers asked if I could make a video showing how to do this technique.  I am so grateful to my pattern testers, I started working on this tutorial right away!   Basically, if you know how to sew a corner seam this technique will be super easy for you.  If this is this is new to you, this video will show you how to mark stitching lines on the end of the knit strip and the neckline to make sewing a corner easier.  The video tutorial will be mentioned in the pattern instructions.  

I decided to post this tutorial for everyone to check out… Feel free to use it with your favorite V-Neck pattern.  The Anna Dress will be available next week to kick of my Veteran’s Day Sale.   I think I’m going to make one to wear on Thanksgiving πŸ™‚


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  2. Solvy + spray adhesive = genius. Why did I never think of that??? Thanks so much for the detailed how-to!

    1. You’re welcome… Thanks for watching <3

    2. Thank you for watching πŸ™‚

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