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Entrepreneur Insight with Two of My Favorite Ladies

I hope everyone had a great weekend,   I took some time Sunday morning to watch some stuff on YouTube that I had on my list.   One of the videos that I watched was a play back of a live interview Angela Wolf did with Janet Pray.  Angela has started a new series called Entrepreneur Insight.  When I saw the preview video for their interview, I couldn’t wait to watch the rest.  Both Angela and Janet are amazing ladies.  Not only are they successful at what they are doing, but they are also leaders in the sewing education industry.  I love it when we end up at an event together and we have time to visit and catch up.  

I’m busy working toward goals I’ve set for J Stern Designs.   This interview made me stop and think about where I started, how far I’ve gotten and where I still want to go.  It was really fun listening to Janet talk about how she started out.  I always assumed that she started working with her Aunt at Islander Sewing Systems.   But she actually started doing craft shows …just like me 🙂   (And, we both came to the same conclusion about them too.)    From there she eventually did start working with her aunt to take Islander Sewing to a new level.   I was very inspired by her journey and learned some things that will help me grow my business. 

This is actually the second video in the series.  Angela interviewed Reen Wilcoxson of Embroidery Garden a couple of weeks ago.  I’m definitely going to go back and watch that one too.  …Even though I don’t have to to work on my embroidery/digitizing anymore, I’m very interested to hear Reen’s story.  I’m sure it will be very inspiring too.  

…Now I’m off to work on my new class… “How to adjust a non-stretch pattern for stretch fabrics”.  I’m having lots of fun with this because it gives me the opportunity to sew for myself.  I’m making all the samples in my size, which is the only way I have time to sew for myself! …Something I learned that I have in common with Angela 🙂