How to Adjust the Easy Fit and Sew Yoga Pant Pattern for Maternity

Hi Everyone,   Yay, the first of my new pattern collection is off to my wonderful pattern testers.  If you’re one of the ladies who graciously offered to test the yoga pants… Thank you so much, I really appreciate it that you’re taking the time to go through the instructions and make a pair.   One of my testers is going to have a baby… so I want to show her how to adjust the front rise to make them into a super comfy pair of maternity yoga pants 🙂   It’s a little bit different than adjusting the rise on a traditional two piece pattern because there isn’t a side seam.    I will be debuting this pattern  at the American Sewing Expo in Novi Michigan at the end of the month… so if you’re attending, come visit me in my booth 🙂

How to Fold Fabric in the Round for a Blind Hem

Hey Everyone, I’m up to my eyeballs in grading my new pattern collection.   Here’s a peek at a sleeve 🙂   I’ve learned some exciting new techniques to make the process more efficient and accurate!


I’m taking a mini break from grading to share a follow up video to the tutorial I uploaded on Sunday showing how to use the Blind Hem Foot on the Serger.   Here’s an easy way to fold up the edge of a pant leg for a blind hem.  Let me know if you have questions.  Thanks Jen

Baby Lock Ovation Serger Manual: How to Use the Blind Hem Foot

Hey Everyone… Taking a break from working on my new patterns to share another Serger Tip.  I want to thank everyone who has been sending me emails about my YouTube Channel.  I feel very special that you would take the time to email me a nice comment or question!  Today’s video is in response to a couple of ladies who wanted me to do some tutorials on accessory feet for the Ovation.  I do not own very many accessory feet, but I do have the blind hem foot, and  I love it!

The blind hem foot has a guide on the right side of the foot…  When you position the fold in the fabric along the guide, the needle catches the edge of the fold as you serge.  The challenge is to grab enough of the fold to hold the hem in place, but not so much that it makes big stitches on the right side of the fabric….This takes practice!   Please let me know if you need help with this technique.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s a huge time saver.


How to Shorten the Back Hem of a High/Low Dress and Finish the Edge with a 3-Thread Rolled Hem

highlowhemcoverHey Eveyrone,  Happy Sunday.  I’m so happy to share this video tutorial with you because I also get to check something off my Mommy To Do List.  I’ve been meaning to hem Anna’s dress.  It’s a cute sundress with a very dramatic high/low hem… a little too low in the back.    Then, I decided to finish the hem with a 3-Thread Rolled Hem… So I could show Kyle how to start and finish in the round 🙂  Enjoy!  (I’m off to float in the pool)

How to Shorten Jeans While Keeping Original Hem – Part 2 (Finishing and Reducing Bulk)

Hey Everyone,   Happy HOT Wednesday 🙂   I’m so happy that I shot Part 2 of the Shorten Jeans Tutorial last week!  Today I want to show you a neat way to reduce the bulky extra length on the inside of the jean leg.  I’m using a 3-Thread Wide to finish graded edges.   Plus there is a neat little tip to create a start/stop point on the edge of the denim.  Let me know if you have questions.  Jen

How to Shorten Jeans While Keeping the Original Hem

Hey Everyone,  Happy Sunday!   I normally don’t post new videos on the weekends, but it was a long crazy week and I didn’t have time till today.  First off, I want to apologize for all the weird typos in my blog posts.   My website had a huge problem (something connected with my husband’s webiste… it’s very romantic that they are linked).  Anyway, when he “restored” it back to it’s full glory, I noticed that I have a lot of “AAA” and other unnecessary punctuation.  I’m not sure there is a fix for that, unless I go through and edit each post.  (That’s not happening)

Today I’m answering a question from one of my YouTube subscribers, and concerns one of my favorite topics… Jeans!   I’m going to show you how to shorten jeans while keeping the original hem.  This method takes into consideration that you may need to shorten the front hem more than the back.    This tutorial shows you how to pin up the excess length, shorten the leg and press.   Then, on Wednesday, I’ll show you how to finish the inside by reducing the bulk.

Please let me know if you have questions!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  🙂

How to Sew a 1/4″ Seam on the BabyLock Ovation Serger

Hey Everyone,  Thanks for all the lovely and encouraging comments!  Today is actually a response to two questions I received about how to sew a 1/4″ seam on the Ovation.    The method I’m about to show you to get an accurate 1/4″ seam can be applied at any serger…  It involved two different things:  First the cutting width setting  and secondly how to feed the fabric under the presser foot.   I used specific parts of the needle plate to guide the fabric under the presser foot.  If you don’t own an Ovation Serger, examine your needle plate and presser foot.  I’m sure you can find a guide that will work.  If not sent me a photo of your serger and we’ll figure it out!

BabyLock Ovation Serger Manual: How to Start to Sew and Chain Off (Page 25)

Hey Everyone,   I’m back from our short vacation at the Cape.  It was very fun!   Now it’s everything serger.  I’ve finished 6 of the video lessons for my new Fashion Serger Class coming soon to  …and I’ve shot some more fun videos for you guys too!   I want to take a minute and thank everyone who’s following along and watching my videos.   I’ve been receiving questions and comments via email  (this is very fun 🙂 … In addition to answering your email, you may see your question as a topic for an upcoming video.  Please feel free to keep them coming!

Today I want to show you the “proper” way to start sewing with your serger and how to chain off.  It sounds simple enough, but there are a few good tips in there that can keep you from breaking a needle, knocking your machine out of timing or snapping a looper.

I also want to share a tip for working with hard to feed fabrics (This is one of the questions I received via email).   I was going to include it with today’s video, but it was getting on the long side, so I decided to save it for the next one.  I’ll post that on Sunday 🙂

Zip it Up – Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags

zipHey Everyone, I had to do a special post about this new Craftsy Class.   Have you ever had the opportunity to take a class from someone that you consider to be a hero in your sewing life?  Way back when I used to work at Manchester Sewing Center, I was in love with Lazy Girl Patterns.  If one of my co-workers was doing a class using one of Joan’s bag patterns, I was the first student to sign up.  Then, as I started to teach classes myself, one of the first classes I taught was The Thread Library. (I scooped this picture from the Lazy Girl’s website because I don’t have mine to take a photo of…)


Recently, I was putting together a box of sewing supplies to give to one of my Mom’s good friends who loves to sew.  I put the Thread Library (full of threads) in with all the other goodies that I sent off.

So, when I noticed that Joan has a new class on Craftsy, I had to share it with you.   When you sign up for the class, three of her most popular patterns are included… Sweet Peapods, Becca Bags, and Fabulous Fobio Key Fob. The key fob is Lazy Girl’s newest pattern, and it’s a fast little project that can hold your keys and it attaches to your Becca bag!   …I’m signing up 🙂

10636_2 10636_3 Fobio_sm-182x182